Sunday, September 23, 2012


The Quran that honours our prophet, also at the same time records the most hurtful words that were said to him..that the Prophet himself have to recite and remind himself of the words that were said about him- magician, insane, perpetual liar, so many accusations are made against our Prophet SAW. And that were all recorded in the Quran that Allah wants us to remember, it is a fact that, all Prophets though they're the most noble of Allah creation; Allah himself has honoured them..

AT THE SAME TIME, THEY'RE THE PEOPLE THAT FACE THE WORST KIND OF INSULT AND THE WORST KIND OF RIDICULE. BUT WHAT IS SUPPOSE TO BE THE REACTION?! That the prophet himself was told , "Fasbir ala mayaqulun" - "BE PATIENT OVER WHATEVER THEY SAY". I'm fascinated by this ayat because the word 'ma' (arabic) means whatever..whatever they say. Not whatever they said but whatever they might even come up with. The prophet policy is to be patient himself.

THE ONE THING THAT WE SHOULD FELT TO THOSE WHO HATE US; MAKE HATEFUL SPEECH TOWARDS MUSLIMS IS SORROW. WE SHOULD FEEL SORRY FOR THIS PEOPLE. They can't hurt the Prophet, they can't take away his honor, it is given from the sky, it is given from Allah. Nothing on earth can take it away. No article, no cartoons, no speaker, no hate speech, no form of art is gonna take away the dignity of our Prophet SAW. This films, and this kind of attempts are futile, wasteful attempt to try to undermine the message of Islam and to misrepresent Islam. But think about it, us reacting in this emotional manner & engaging in senseless violence, is this not also misrepresenting Islam? Aren't we doing what othr people, the enemy want, for Islam to be misrepresented? "IF YOU CAN BE PATIENT; MAINTAIN YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS OF ALLAH, THEN THAT IS THE MOST NOBLE OF DEED, THE HIGHEST ACCOMPLISHMENT THAT YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH." THAT IS SUPPOSE TO BE THE REACTION OF THE MUSLIMS.

The video was watched by what? 30 people,this loser and his cousins..before we gave it supports .We made it popular. We're the ones whose giving it more fame. The more we react in this way, the more we're encouraging others to presume more hateful speech. We have to learn to respond in mature, civil and higher discourse the way the Quran, &the sunnah, the legacy of our Prophet expects from us.


Bestnya fikrah bro Nouman.. 100% agree... Saya setuju cerita itu tak popular sedikit pun.. Orang yang mempopularkan cerita itu adalah orang Islam sendiri.. Banyak link-link website yang menghina Islam, juga tidak popular, namun yang mempopularkannya adalah orang Islam sendiri.. Aduhai ummat..

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