Saturday, September 12, 2015

Beautiful people..

I met beautiful people along my journey here..

I met Kak Rin and his husband who is very supportive and positive..

I also met Akma, a very good friend in times of difficulty.. She really had a good skill and knowledge, and always help me by sharing knowledge..

I am not a good brilliant medical student.. I always had inferiority complex in this field.. I am traumatised with a comment by one lecturer during my convocation..

But Allah is the one that know everything.. He know that i want to seek knowledge to help my patient.. He know that i am trying my best.. I hope and pray everyday that Allah pour me with knowledge so that i can help others..

I want to write about all the motivation and beautiful person that i met along the journey..

Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Entahlah, kadang manusia hanya tahu mengadili tanpa memberi ruang memahami. Saya disuruh hadir untuk memperkenalkan diri Jumaat lalu pada jabatan. Ketika itu Fatih dimaksudkan ke wad kerana jangkitan peparu. Saya sudah memaklumkan pada prof berkenaan, cuma mungkin admin staf tak mengetahui.

Siapa tahu saya masih bermatian menyelamatkan nyawa manusia lain semasa oncall sedang anak sendiri di wad pada hujung minggu lepas? Sabtu dan Ahad oncall.

Ya, rehat sehari dan semalam saya oncall kembali.

I haven't rest. Cuti sehari itu anak masih di wad. Dan hanya Allah yang tahu betapa penatnya oncall malam tadi. Semua pesakit tak stabil. Neutropenic sepsis yang akhirnya mati. Dengue with UGIB, severe DKA with bicarb 2.3, ITP with platelet 1 and the list goes on.

And i received call from admin office this morning, with a dissatisfying voice as i haven't did my staff card and others.

In this life, no one will understand, know and appreciate you except Allah.. People can only judge,,can only see you from one point of view..

But the one that only can see you as a whole is Allah.. I am tired to be judged..

I just don't bother about you as only Allah will know everything about me..

For my zauj, thank you for all the support,, i learned last night one important thing as well, don't rely on anyone.. But you're one of the great blessing that Allah gave me..

I met you by the mercy of Allah.. Thank you for everything.. Thank you for accepting all my weakness..