Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dr Norra 2...

Pesanan terakhir Dr Norra, hasil tulisan seorang teman. Moga terus menjadi ingatan buat diri ini.

Some of arwah Dr. Norra's last message for us~

Dear all, I'm still trying to deal with all the sadness, i really cant believe shes gone..

last 2 weeks ago, S**** and I managed to her pay her a visit in PPUM.. She looked really okay, and she was smiling and everything, she just looked a bit tired thats all. I really thought she was going to make it, but Allah knows best..

She asked about all of us..

She also told us that she prays we all get good hospitals that will be good teaching grounds for us, and our future, so we will become great doctors, and even greater then her.. but i know that, there will only be one Dr. Norra.. and she was a legend indeed...

She said that make sure we toughen up during houseman, even when we're tired, even when we're completely knocked down, she said just don't complaint. and do your best.. and make sure you give it all you got, in these 2 years.. she wishes that we get good specialists that will train us to be among the best.. she also said jangan berkira sangat dengan your other colleagues, cover for them, have a good teamwork!

She also expressed her hatred towards the new shift system and how its a failure. and how the government people are bongok... hehe Dr Norra just keeping it real, being her!

anyways, while talking about all of that, she told me that time dulu, on calls tak dapat allowance pon.. and she and a few friends from MMA, fought for it for 10 years, and finally.. the government bagi oncall allowance! and now the shift system is to cut back on that allowance, n thats why she hates it.. so lets all hate it together for Dr Norra..because it was her 10 years of fight that got us those allowances!

She was a fighter indeed.. she fought for a lot of things, not just for herself, but mostly for the wellbeing of doctors in malaysia and the betterment of the very corrupted healthcare system in malaysia....

i hope that we will always be inspired by her...

her daughter was next to her masa tu, and she cakap betul tak, mama tak pernah complain.. letih macam mana pon, mama tak complaint kan?.. and her daughter said YES! with a smily face...she was a loving mother, a caring daughter (sanggup travel all the way to seremban to stay with her parents, while being a very busy consultant and HOD),a gifted and dedicated lecturer, a wonderful colleague to all her friends, an amazing paediatrics consultant!.....

I really dont know how the daughters are going to deal with her loss.. i pray Allah give them all the strength inshaallah..

DR. NORRA, you will be truly missed....
and you will always be in our prayers..

take care guys.

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