Thursday, September 03, 2009


Terjumpa e-book yang menarik - A message to every youth oleh Assyahid Abdullah Azzam. E-book yang amat menarik. Sape yang berminat, boleh sahaja tinggalkan email. Nanti saya emailkan. Kata-kata aluan buku tersebut menyentap hati.

"...if you are too stingy with Allah to give Him some of your time at such an early age, in the coming times you will be even stingier..".

Nauzubillahi min zalik...

Saya terjumpa juga satu nasheed yang memugar semangat yang kian sirna. Moga Allah menjadikan kita hambaNya yang istiqamah di jalanNya.

It blew like the strong wind;

It burst like a bright flame;

It became like a youth in its determination;

It flew like a hawk, with pride;

Welcome, my caravan;

My caravan of wisdom;

O generation of the future, lets go;

Lets exert ourselves and work hard;

Lets always rise to the top;

And never accept to be less than the best;

My friends, lets go about;

And learn different fields of knowledge;

Lets excel in five or six;

And help a brother or sister;

Leave your laziness and slumber;

The lazy person has never succeeded;

And stop criticizing and blaming;

As Allah is the Helper of people;

Revive the glory of this Ummah;

When it was at its peak;

And brush this dark cloud away from it;

With your high aspirations

[Sung by Abu 'Ali]

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