Monday, December 24, 2012


Mendengar lagu-lagu Native Deen yang sungguh bermakna.. Mendengar lagunya tentang Bilal dan aku menangis hiba.. Terasa aura kerinduannya pada sang kekasih.. Terasa aura saat lafaz Ahad bergema..


Lyrics: (Credit to MrZebraPants)

See I was born enslaved 
These men they bought and sold me.
They found me well behaved 
Their reason would control me
This creed, this land, this stone
They had become my master 
But doubt lived in my soul
Because they could not answer 
But then one day I heard About a pious man
Who spoke amazing words
I'll meet him when I can 
It all makes sense to me now 
I feel my soul revived
I have the true faith inside
There is only one god

Ahad x4
One God x4
Ahad x8
One God x8

And now they're dragging me
Into the scorching heat 
Endlessly lashing me 
They wanna see me beat 
They place these boulders on me 
They try to crush my spirit 
But they dont really know me
I stay so strong I bear it
They hope and pray Im weak, nah
My blood is African
I found the truth I seek 
I wont go back again 
Unshakable belief I endure this suffering
My heart will always be with One word that flows within


Allah Humma Salay Ala Sayedina
Allah Humma As'habiheen Ajma'in
Allah Humma Salay Ala Rasoolillah
Allah Humma As'habiheen Ajma'in
Allah Hu Akbar x4

His voice was true again
My voice is strongest now 
With freedom I ascend 
Atop this sacred house 
I am the chosen one 
To call this land to prayer
My mothers native tongue 
God knows that Im sincere 
My voice will rise the masses 
Bring light upon their face 
So know, under the darkest ashes 
There lies a glowing blaze 
There is only one God 
Lets reignite the flames 
This message in my heart 
This word my every vein


One God x4

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