Monday, August 13, 2012


Hari ini rasa terduduk sangattt.. Rasa macam tak nak pergi hospital lagi... Kejam sangat..

Baca tadabbur surah Mulk..

So Allah is saying, He is the One who created Mawt (Lifelessness), and Hayaat (Life).
Li yaBluwa kum
The Ya = for the purpose of.
yaBluw – Balaa – to test/trial.
In other parts of the Qur’an, Allah uses a more heavier form. Instead of Balaa, He uses; Ibtilaa – to Severely Test.
Surah al Insan; naBtalee – we heavily Test (the human), wa ja’alnaa hu samee’un baseera (and We made him hearing and seeing).
So the overall test is a big test, will you stay sincere to Him? Even after all these blessings?

Dush! Dush! Dush! Itulah hakikat kehidupan! Ibtilaa! Ibtilaa! Ibtilaa!

Allah yang paling tahu!

Ya rabb, ampunilah hambaMu ini...

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